July 9, 2017


Welcome to our Friend ‘N Town family!

Disconnected, home sick or even missing out on true local experiences. These are just a few things you may have felt while travelling alone.

Here at FnT, we aim to bridge travelers with locals in a way never done before with any other travel app. We want to give newcomers a chance to really experience a city like locals do. When in Rome right?

Friend ‘N Town wants to facilitate your travel experience when visiting a new city by easily connecting you with a local from that city. The app can especially come in handy when you are short on time.

Flight delayed or cancelled? Short — but not so short – layover at the airport? Didn’t have enough time to plan?

We get it.

It is hard to jam-pack your trip to a new city with local experiences especially if you’ve never been and don’t even speak the language. We also get that what is often advertised to tourists is not necessarily what we are looking for as travelers. The Trip Advisors of the world don’t always know how to properly “advise” us on activities and/or venues that peak our specific interests.

What if you’re trying to gain local insights and just want meet new people? With the click of a button, Friend ‘N Town will help you.

With our easy-to-use platform, we will help you find a tour guide in any given city; a local that will give you the “insider” tour, and they’ll do it for as long as you need. Consider us the Uber of travel guides, but instead of cars, we offer long-lasting experiences and maybe even friendships.

But, Friend ‘N Town is not only for travelers. If you consider yourself a guru of your city and want travelers to really understand the culture like locals do, then welcome aboard. Join our team and help us connect with each other, one traveler at a time.

Through your expertise, you can give travelers a local’s vantage point of your city, outside of all the tourist attractions. You will meet travelers, share your love for your city with them, break out of your routine, and even make money along the way. Through our app, you will find a unique way to connect with travelers and who knows? Maybe one day, they’ll end up being your Friend ‘N Town.

We are virtually connected with each other around the clock, so why not use it to better our travel experiences. We want people from all walks of life to connect with each other, experience travel like it should be and unite with one another regardless of where we call home. No matter where you are in the world, you can be sure to always find a buddy with Friend ‘N Town.